Labconco - 100800002 - 8' Protector Premier



8' Protector Premier

650.00 lbs

Product Information


8' protector premier laboratory hood with 2 service fixtures and 2 electrical duplexes
Weight: 650.0 lbs
Weight metric: 295.0 kg
Dimensions: 96.0 inch w x 31.7 inch d x 59.0 inch h
Dimensions metric: 243.8 x 80.5 x 149.9 cm
Electrical: 100-115


Two pre-plumbed service fixtures with forged brass valves, lower right side with brass tubing for gas and lower left side with copper tubing for cold water.Components for converting either or both fixtures to air and vacuum are provided.Inlet tubing is not provided.

One pre-wired gfci electrical duplex receptacle on lower right side and one additional pre-wired gfci electrical duplex receptacle on the lower left side.

Protector premier laboratory hoods

Incorporate a sleek interior with a molded one-piece fiberglass liner, the signature feature of labconcos leading line of fume hoods since 1961.The one-piece liner of specially-formulated, fiberglass-reinforced polyester offers corrosion and fire resistance and easy clean up.Without seams, the interior has fewer points of deterioration for longer life.

These hoods are suitable for providing personal protection needed for general chemistry applications involving fumes and vapors.They meet the sefa-1 standard of a low velocity, high performance hood and may be safely operated as low as 60 fpm.Choose from hoods designed to be used with a remotely-located blower or hoods that include a built-in blower the only high

About Labconco

Labconco is a Kansas based manufacturer which makes quality laboratory equipment including hoods, cabinets, enclosures and purifiers. 

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