Cameron - 2029843-16-02 - 2 Nom H2 Adjustable Choke With



2 Nom H2 Adjustable Choke With


Product Information


2 inch nom.H2 adjustable choke with

2-9/16 inch inchapi 5k, r-27, inlet and outlet.

Flanged bore: full api bore.(2.56 inch inch)

Dimensions: a 8.25 inch inch +/- 0.12 inch inch, b

6.94 inch inch +/- 0.12 inch inch trim: 1 inch inch max.Orifice

Needle seat trim, quick opening flow

Characteristic,max.Cv- 26.0.(seat/body

Thread:1.750 inch- 10uns- 3b).Actuation:

9 inch inch manual tee bar.Materials: body,

Bonnet bonnet nut: low alloy

Steel, grade aisi 4130, 60k.Trim:

Tungsten carbide / stainless steel gr.

17-4ph.Bdy bleed vlv: ni alloy 625.

Bonnet seal: camlast.Api monogram.

Paint per cameron paint spec.It-

002900-05-02, green ral 6032.Api 6a

20th ed., iso 10423, m/c ee-0,5, t/r

L-u, psl 2, pr 2.Api nominal size

2-9/16 inch inch x 64/64ths.Maximum

Orifice.Mwp100f: 5,000 psig.

Mwp250f: 5,000 psig.

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