Labconco - 7726500 - 6-port Tray Dryer Manifold



6-port Tray Dryer Manifold

15.00 lbs

Product Information


Weight: 15.0 lbs
Weight metric: 6.8 kg
Dimensions: 30 inch w x 16.5 inchd x 7 inch h
Dimensions metric: 76.2 x 41.9 cm
Applicable products: bulk tray dryers stoppering tray dryers


6-port tray dryer manifold.Six valves provide the flexibility to connect flasks and other freeze dry glassware to the freeze dry system with stoppering or bulk tray dryer.Valves accommodate either 1/2 in or 3/4 in flask adapters.Mounts to support stand included with the tray dryer.May be field installed before or after the tray dryer is installed on the freeze dry system.Included with bulk tray dryer 7806021 and 7806031.

Accessories for use with the freezone stoppering tray dryer, freezone bulk tray dryer and freezone small tray dryer are offered.

About Labconco

Labconco is a Kansas based manufacturer which makes quality laboratory equipment including hoods, cabinets, enclosures and purifiers. 

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