Rudolph Research Analytical - A25591 - Density Meter, Ddm 2911 (Diii)

Density Meter, Ddm 2911 (Diii)
50.00 lb
Miami Warehouse
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Product Specifications
1. Measurement ranges: Density: 0 to 3 g/cm3
Temperature: 0ºC to 90ºC
Pressure: 0 to 10 bars
2. Measurement modes: Continuous, Single, Multiple
3. Measuring Technique: Mechanical Oscillator
4. Accuracy: Density: 0.00005 g/cm3
Temperature: 0.03ºC
5. Repeatability: Density: 0.00001 g/cm3
Temperature: 0.01 ºC
6. Resolution: Density: 0.00001 g/cm3
Temperature: 0.01 ºC
7. Minimum Sample Volume: 1 ml, approximately
8. Wetted Materials: Borosilicate glass, ECTFE, PTFE
9. Display: 10.4 inch diagonal, 800-600 pixels, color,
Flat PanelMonitor with Chemically Resistant Touch
Screen Interface, 200 nits brightness, gasketed for
Spill protection.
10. Drying Pump: Built in Drying Pump used to quickly
dry the cell after rinsing and prior to the next
measurement, reducing total sample analysis time.
Air drying hose positioned intelligently so as not to
become soiled with sample and rinse solvents.
11. Communication Interface:
Touch Screen User Interface
5 USB Ports
1 Ethernet, Cat. 5 Port
2 RS232 Ports
Keyboard, Bar Code Scanner, Mouse
Network Capabilities
12. VideoView
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